Industry Leaders and Collaborating Researchers in Tall Wood

Collaborative Partners on Full-scale 10-Story Building Test

Simpson Strong-Tie
Sumitomo Forestry
Boise Cascade
Forest Products Lab, USDA
U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
Freres Lumber
Timber Lab
Mass Timber Services
Construction Specialties
AQ Group Co. Ltd.
DR Johnson Wood Innovations
Computers & Structures Inc.
Binational Softwood Lumber Council
Softwood Lumber Board
Cemco Steel
Rex Lumber Company
Idaho Forest Group
Tall Wood Design Institute, Oregon State University
Henkel Adhesives
Winco Window
Innotech Windows
Ehmcke Sheet Metal
Southwest Carpenters Union
WoodWorks (U.S.)
Alab (Japan)
JMC2 Civil_Structural Eng.

Collaborative Partners on the 2017 Investigative Two-story Building Test

Research Collaboration and Payload Projects

Payload opportunity is currently open for participating in the 10-story full-scale tests during year 2021 at NHERI@UCSD. Interested researchers should contact the project team and Dr. Pauschke at NSF for more information.

Following is a list of currently planned Payload projects:

Participants and Schedule

The following are links to full participants list and key schedule for 10-story building test.

Test Participants

10-story building Schedule

PR guideline