Updates on Research Task Progresses

Task 4a Plan

This Task will involve laboratory testing of CLT rocking wall sub-assemblies (Phase 1), along with non-load bearing walls sub-assemblies that feature additional non-structural components (Phase 2). The tests on the rocking walls will enable fundamental information to be acquired related to the behavior of CLT rocking walls under bi-directional loading, as well as the performance of interface details (e.g. rocking joints, the floor diaphragm-to-rocking wall connection) under different levels of force and displacement demands. These tests will also serve as a means to experimentally validate the performance of selected non-structural elements identified in Task 3 as well as to calibrate the structural and resiliency prediction models developed in Tasks 2 and 3.

Specimen response for each test will be measured, including: gap opening along the rocking joint of each rocking wall; shear and flexural deformations over the height of each wall (CLT rocking and non-load bearing); story drift; applied loads; deformations of the collector details and damage to non-structural components. These measurements will be used to develop force-deformation relationships of the subassembly components to validate the models developed in Task 2. In addition, the limits states that develop in the subassembly test specimens in Phase 2 will be documented at the various drift levels to enable the validation and calibration of functional fragilities developed in Task 3. The outcome of Tasks 4 associated with the performance of the various details will feed into the efforts to simulate the building archetypes in Task 5, along with the design of the test specimen building in Task 7.


Assembly tests are underway at NHERI@Lehigh and scheduled to complete later in 2020. Revisit for more details...