Updates on Research Task Progresses

Task 7 Plan

In order to validate the RBSD methodology and the whole building system model developed in earlier Tasks, a full-scale 10-story CLT building will be designed in this Task for selected resilience objectives. The building will have an approximate floor plan covering the usable table surface (approximately 40x25 ft) with 9 ft story-height. The building will be expected to achieve continuous operation (zero-time to functional) for frequent and DBE level events, and only short term interruption for MCE and near-fault events (consistent with the resilience target established).

The specimen design will also include non-structural components critical to building functionality and include connection and installation details recommended to achieve the resilience target. The design will introduce intentional eccentricity to enable testing of the torsional responses.

The specimen design will be conducted in close collaboration with industry partners and the project Advisory Committees. This Task will provide a unique opportunity for participating graduate and undergraduate students to interact with practicing professionals and develop understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in the complete building design process towards resilience targets.