Updates on Research Task Progresses

Task 4b Plan

This task involves design, construction, and testing of a 2-story full scale mass timber building with the resilient rocking wall system. The new knowledge that will be generated from this test include:

The specimen is shown below, with an open floor plan and reasonably realistic diaphragm aspect ratio

Construction started in June. Testing will start early July.

Collaborators on the Testing Program


Simpson Stong-Tie

Oregon State University's Tallwood Design Institute

Forest Products Laboratory

Softwood Lumber Board

DR Johnson Lumber Co.

City of Springfield OR


Public Test Scheduled 7/13/2017 (already complete)

The project team is currently working on data processing and publishing, papers and reports will come soon.

Test Program Updates

A good INTERVIEW on the investigative 2-story building test in 2017 at NHERI@UCSD

Major findings on the test results will be presented in Mass Timber Conference, Structures Congress 2018, NCEE conference in Los Angeles, and World Conference on Timber Engineering in Souel South Korea.

The testing video from the test 14 can be found in this Video List for interested viewers.

The following are some Photos from the construction and testing program

Foundation Day 1
Day 2 Day 3
Day 4 Detail 1
Detail 2 Student on site
Rocking wall installation Adding seismic mass